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A serving family and wedding photographer Leicestershire and the East Midlands

Leicestershire-based photographer Andy Thomas has an insatiable passion for people and everything that makes them unique. With a rare insight and energy, he's able to capture the essence of a personality in his photography, allowing a single image to speak volumes about its subject. The perfect curve of a smile... the gentlest of a lover's touch... the unbridled potential of a young mind. It's all here for you enjoy forever.

Andy's photography imbues every moment with extra meaning and poignancy. A family photography shoot in his Leicestershire studio is a lasting record of unbreakable family ties. A day playing in the fresh air becomes an unforgettable whirl of smiles and games. And wedding photography becomes an intoxicating reminder of the things that matter the most. Special times like these are gone in a heartbeat, but with Andy Thomas as your portrait photographer or wedding photographer, you'll be able to relive the magic forever.