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Lifestyle photography and wedding photography in Leicestershire and the East Midlands has never been more vibrant

A photography shoot with Leicestershire-based lifestyle photographer Andy Thomas is an experience like no other. It’s intensely personal, giving you an opportunity to spend quality time with the people you love the most. It’s liberating, a chance to express yourself and feel comfortable just being who you are. It’s also great fun - the kind of day out you always promise yourself and your family, but never get around to organising.

This isn't called lifestyle photography for nothing. It's a reflection of the way you live, defined by your unique take on the world, and Andy's fun, informal photography is the perfect way for every member of your family to enjoy it. There's no script to follow; just get on with enjoying yourselves together, however that may be. Run around with the kids. Make some noise. Cuddle. Whatever makes you feel good.

Andy will put you at your ease right from the word go, so by the time you head home from your Leicestershire portrait photography session, you'll have created a whole host of happy memories, and Andy will have some beautiful pictures that will look amazing in your home.

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