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A wedding photographer for Leicester,
Leicestershire and the East Midlands

Wedding photographers in Leicestershire and the East Midlands rarely possess the insight that makes Andy Thomas' work so special. His tender yet perceptive approach captures the magic of the day, from the initial preparations, through the joy of the ceremony, to the gleeful, exuberant, let-your-hair-down fun of the reception.

Andy’s work as your wedding photographer starts long before the day itself, with a pre-wedding shoot held at the venue. It’s a chance for you to get to know him, and for him to understand the chemistry which has brought you together. You'll get used to being photographed by Andy in an informal setting, and plan the wedding shoot along the way.

On the big day itself, Andy’s presence will be a discreet one. As the day unfolds, he’ll work quietly and unobtrusively to create a vivid record of your celebration. As well as the group shots you might expect, he'll sneak away with the two of you, snatching a few moments to create intimate portraits of you both as man and wife. He'll also capture the countless tiny happenings that make the day so beautiful. Hearty laughter, tender smiles, and a new beginning for two families… these special moments become truly unforgettable in Andy Thomas’ rich, emotional photography.

Andy makes a complete archive of every image taken on your wedding day, so if one of your pictures – or even your wedding album – is lost or damaged, it can always be replaced. These memories really will last forever.

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